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Harper Elizabeth // Two Month Update


Somehow two months have passed since this beautiful girl was born. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and how much she has changed. This last month was tough for so many reasons (mainly lack of sleep), but she smiled for the first time just last week so it was all worth it! We have to work really hard for the smiles, but when she lets one slip, it is the best thing ever! Last weekend, Sam and I took her on her first public outing – we did a little shopping and had an early dinner. While we were out, people kept commenting about how tiny she was. Someone even asked if she was 2 weeks old (she was eight weeks old at the time). Sam and I were both surprised because she seems huge to us! I kept having to explain that she was born six weeks early which I hate doing because I don’t want people to see her as a preemie. She is technically a preemie, but I bet if we could ask her, she would say she wasn’t. She has done nothing but prove to us that she’s just a normal, albeit small, newborn. When Shakespeare wrote “and though she be but little, she is fierce” he was talking about Harper.

Harper Elizabeth // Month Two

Weight: 8lbs 9oz – she’s in the 5th percentile for weight, (she’s the same size as my niece was when she was born!), but she has almost doubled her birth weight (4lbs 14.9oz)! I’m so proud of her and myself.

Height: 23 inches – girlfriend is long and lean! She’s somewhere between the 50th and 75th percentile for height which is crazy considering how tiny she is.

Diaper Size: Size 1! We’re currently using Honest diapers and we switch between Honest and Pampers Sensitive wipes.

Clothing Size: Her legs are cramped in her newborn clothing, but her 0-3 month clothes are still a bit too big. I packed away a ton of her newborn onesies and sleepers last week and I had to stop myself from crying. Motherhood is so emotional!


Eating: Harper and I have finally hit our breastfeeding stride and she is now nursing 95% of the time. Sam gives her a bottle (of pumped breastmilk) every night and she’ll sometimes get another bottle if he comes home for lunch so that I can take a quick break. When she takes a bottle, she drinks 4 ounces of milk and I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to move to 4.5 ounces soon. This girl loves to eat! Breastfeeding is so exhausting and still a little painful at times, but I absolutely love it and I’m so thankful that I’m able to do it.

Sleeping: I always knew that having a baby would seriously affect my sleep, but nothing could have prepared me for the sheer exhaustion I have felt this last two months. Overall, Harper is a good sleeper and I know other people have it so much worse so I hate to complain, but I seriously miss nights of uninterrupted sleep. In the past few weeks, Harper has really “woken up” so her wake times are lengthening and her naps are getting shorter and shorter. She has passed that newborn phase where she could sleep through anything so I have to be more strategic about when and where I lay her down, if she lets me lay her down at all. Typically, I get two naps during the day where I can lay her down and get a few things done and the rest are taken on me. Eventually I’m going to be more structured about her naps, but for now I’m happy to hold her. She’s only going to be this little for a short while longer!

Nighttime sleep was going really well until about six weeks. She still gives us a four or five hour stretch of sleep at night, but that’s only after she fights sleep for at least an hour or two. She gets super fussy at bedtime. Right now, our bedtime routine is usually bath around 8, followed by a book and a bottle with daddy and then I rock her for a bit and put her down. Then we usually have to keep rocking her or giving her a pacifier for the next hour or so until she either passes out or I feed her again (usually around 11 or 12). It’s exhausting. After that, she’ll usually wake up around 4am for a feeding and diaper change (she always has her worst diapers in the middle of the night) and then go back down until 7:30am. I know it could be worse so I don’t want to complain, but I would love for her to go down easier. It’s hard to hear your baby cry anytime of day, but it’s especially hard when you are exhausted and ready for bed (or when you’ve just fallen asleep and your baby wakes up crying because her pacifier fell out – ugh!). I’ve been reading tons of books and blogs trying to figure out how to help her fall asleep (and stay asleep) at night so hopefully I’ll have a solution soon. Any advice would be much appreciated!


Likes: Laying on her back when she’s awake, staring at any light or bright window she can find, playtime on her activity mat, listening to bedtime stories, and bath time (finally!).

Dislikes: Dirty diapers, diaper changes, tummy time and her bouncer.