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Harper Elizabeth // 18 Month Update

IMG_2411It is finally time for another Harper update! She will be 19 months old next week and she has changed SO much since my last update at 12/13 months. We are deep into the baby to toddler transition over here and mommy is TIRED. Raising a toddler is tough enough, but adding pregnancy into the mix is no joke! Whenever I see a fellow pregnant mama out and about with her toddler(s), I mentally give her a fist bump because we are rockstars. (ALL moms are rockstars, by the way!) But as difficult as this phase has been, it has also been the most fun. Harper is so sweet and funny and smart and she learns new things everyday which is so exciting and rewarding for me. But before I go on and on about how awesome she is, let’s get into the update.


Weight: 24lbs 4oz (75th Percentile) – 4lbs 14.9oz at birth

Height: 33 inches (75th Percentile) – 19.75 inches at birth

Teeth: A new one pops up everyday lately! And her teeth are far too sharp for me to investigate so I’m not even really sure how many she has or which ones we’re waiting on.

Diaper Size: She can still fit a 4, but I changed our Honest bundle to 5s because I noticed that we were dealing with more frequent leaks.

Clothing Size: 18 months (12 months in dresses and shorts)



Harper is a fantastic eater except for one tiny thing; she hates meat. She loves to eat so she’ll ask for meat if she sees you eating it and then, once she realizes what it is, she will either hand it back to you (already chewed up, of course) or throw it on the floor. Ugh. This has really forced me to get creative with her meals because I have to make sure she’s still getting protein and iron. Fruit, cheese and veggies can get pretty boring pretty quickly. So I’m on Pinterest constantly looking up toddler meal ideas to keep things interesting for both of us. Thankfully, she loves veggies. She’s obsessed with broccoli and cauliflower, but I honestly haven’t found a veggie she won’t eat. My current goal is to get all of us eating one meal so I’m not scrambling trying to get two dinners ready every night.



Sleep has been rough for us for the past few months. Harper had a viral infection in May that turned into croup and the combination of the two completely wrecked her sleep. Then we moved in the middle of June and she got a bunch of new teeth and things went from bad to worse. There were a few weeks where she was in bed with us every single night. I’ve never been completely opposed to co-sleeping, and even enjoy it on occasion, but I can’t do it on a regular basis. For one thing, pregnancy sleep is rough enough without having to shield your belly from your toddler’s foot. And the other reason is that I need my nighttime breaks from parenting. My nights are sacred to me. I clean the kitchen while watching tv and hanging out with Sam. I take the longest, hottest shower possible. And then I do my stuff: blog, read, watch Golden Girls, enjoy the quiet. Needless to say, I am desperate to get her back to her normal sleeping routine so that I can have my nights back. Thankfully, we seem to be headed in the right direction this week and I’m praying that she’s completely back to normal before the baby arrives.

IMG_2124Milestones & Development

Harper started walking regularly around 14 months. Now, she’s a climber and spends her days giving me mini heart attacks (see first photo). She’s not super verbal yet. She babbles all day and says a handful of words (Dada, Hi, Bye, Please, Thank You, Oh Toodles, Elsa, All Done, Agua, and Baby), but she usually has to be prompted to say things. She understands nearly everything I say though, so I’m not too worried about it. She imitates everything which is hilarious. I’m not sure if this falls into the development category, but she’s also extremely friendly and outgoing. She says “Hi!” to everyone she passes, especially teenaged girls, and she loves meeting new people and making new friends. We went to musical storytime at the library for the first time yesterday. We were late and it was packed so I took her to the back of the room and tried to get her to sit in my lap, but she wriggled away, walked to the middle of the room and plopped down like she’d been going all her life. That is one of my favorite things about her.


Likes: music, dancing, eating, going for walks in her stroller, bath time, FaceTime, spending time with her family (especially her cousins), watching movies in her new playroom, and Goldfish!

Dislikes: meat, being put down in her crib while still awake, getting her hair done (which is why it always looks so crazy!), and sitting in shopping carts.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this (long) update on our sweet girl! She is seriously the busiest baby I’ve ever known, and she definitely has “selective toddler hearing,” but she makes up for it by being so dang sweet. I cannot wait to see her become a big sister in the Fall!


Baby #2 Bumpdate // 25 Weeks

19942606_10104055171485709_2855514461176994172_oI have been so bad at taking bump photos this pregnancy! This photo was taken at the Idina Menzel concert on Sunday night, which is the day I moved into my 25th week so this will have to do! Now let’s get to the bumpdate…

How far along are you? 25 weeks and 3 days.

How big is baby? As big as a head of cauliflower and as long as a large cucumber, according to The Bump and Glow Nurture apps.

Total weight gain? At my prenatal appointment on Thursday, I was up 3ish pounds from my starting weight. I’ve probably gained 6 or 7 pounds total though if you count the weight I lost during the first trimester. My goal is to stay between 15-25 pounds gained because my starting weight is on the high side, but I’m not stressing over it. I gained 10 pounds with Harper and she was born 6 weeks early. So if this baby goes full term, and my weight gain is consistent with that pregnancy, I’ll definitely fall within that range.

How are you feeling? I’m still vomit-free, thank the Lord! I do, however, feel nauseous every morning when I wake up. I eat plain cheerios in bed for a few minutes and then it usually goes away. I’m still having lots of sciatic and hip pain. One night last week, I got this terrible pain in my hip/groin area and walked with a limp for a few hours before bed. I also have to pee all.the.time! I can feel the third trimester quickly approaching.

Any food cravings or aversions? I think I’ve finally gotten out of the no-fish zone. I made salmon on Monday night and didn’t feel sick when it was time to eat it. My cravings have unfortunately been sweet lately. In fact, last night I sent Sam to the store for cupcake liners so I could bake rainbow chip cupcakes at 9pm. So bad!

Have you noticed any stretch marks? I have a funny stretch mark story this week. The other night, I got out of the shower and noticed a HUGE, bright red stretch mark next to my belly button (which is where my stretch marks from Harper are). I grabbed all belly oil and slathered it on and tried not to think about it. The next morning, though, I realized that it was just a long scratch! Harper has been jamming her little fingers into my belly button whenever we talk about the baby so she must’ve scratched me that day without me realizing it.

Best moment this week? I mentioned earlier that I went to the Idina Menzel concert on Sunday night. Baby girl must’ve really enjoyed it because she kicked me the entire time. It was so sweet because it reminded me of her big sister who loves music more than anything and dances all the time. I can’t wait to see them dancing together! My second best moment was last week during my maternal fetal medicine appointment. The doctor told me that my cervix looks good and the baby is growing well so I get a 6 week break before my next appointment! Yay!!

What are you looking forward to? As the mother of a preemie, I try really hard not to wish time away during my pregnancy. But I have to say that I’m really looking forward to Fall weather. These 90 degree temperatures are not ideal for pregnancy, especially when you have a 24 pound toddler to carry and chase around. I have half of the summer to go, but I’m extremely excited for those crisp, Fall mornings.

Poll: Did you have a baby shower for your second/third/etc. baby?