Baby #2 Bumpdate // 18 Weeks

It's A Girl!If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already heard our exciting (and surprising!) news…IT’S A(NOTHER) GIRL! I say “surprising” because I was actually convinced that we were having a boy. This pregnancy just felt so different. I was so shocked when the nurse called and told me. So shocked, in fact, that I called back a few hours later to make sure I heard her correctly! Despite my surprise, I am so excited! This baby will be the 5th GrandGirl on both sides of her family so she has a big sister and five (soon to be six!) first cousins waiting to play with her and teach her all about playing dress-up and watching Frozen and baking cupcakes. So with all of that said, let’s get into the bumpdate…

How far along with you? 18 weeks, 1 day

How big is baby? According to the apps, she’s as big as a sweet potato or artichoke. According to the anatomy scan I had today, she’s 9oz and in the 64th (or 66th? Can’t remember the exact number), percentile. As the mother of a 4lb 14.9oz baby, I love hearing that she’s measuring bigger than average. I hope she stays that way!

Total weight gain? I’m sure all of my fellow pregnant ladies are tired of hearing this, but I still haven’t gained any weight. I asked my doctor about it today and she said that as long as the baby is gaining weight and measuring well, she’s not concerned about my weight. So I’m just going to enjoy it while I can!

How are you feeling? Overall, I feel pretty great. But I am experiencing a few typical pregnancy symptoms. I am dealing with lots of hip and groin soreness. I took most of last week off from exercising because Harper was sick so I’m thinking that’s why my body was feeling so sore. I’m determined to get back to walking and doing prenatal yoga this week. I’m also having bladder issues. I have to pee constantly and if I sneeze, cough or laugh too hard, I literally have to run to the bathroom. I guess I need to start doing my kegel exercises! Baby girl is already head down and my kids tend to hang out pretty low so I know this is a symptom that’s here to stay. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but those are the symptoms that immediately come to mind.

Best moment this week? Telling Harper and her cousins that we’re having a girl! Harper obviously has no idea what we’re talking about, but she was still super excited (as seen here). I made a girly fun box (pictured above) for Harper and her cousins and they had a ball with it. I included pink baby bottles filled with “It’s a girl!” confetti, a pink tiara, pink Minnie Mouse lollipops and more pink confetti. They played with all of it for at least an hour. We also picked a name (I’ll share it soon!) and everyone in our family loves it which makes me very happy.

What are you looking forward to? I’m really looking forward to the halfway point (20 weeks). October feels very far away right now, but I know how quickly time flies after hitting that halfway point. I’m also looking forward to feeling more distinct kicks. I can’t wait until Sam and Harper can feel them too!


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