Baby #2 Bumpdate // 20 Weeks

18836992_10103942950148169_9218600413148737487_oWe made it to the halfway point! The 20 week mark is so exciting, but also daunting because you still have so long to go! 20 weeks for me is also the point when my bump really starts to make itself known. On Saturday, I was at my mom’s boutique talking to a customer. We were talking about Harper and then all of a sudden she looked down and said, “Oh and you’re expecting another one!” It caught me so off guard because, although everyone in my life knows that I’m pregnant, I didn’t realize I had reached the point where strangers feel comfortable enough to ask me about it. That’s how you know you’re definitely showing! Well anyone, let’s get to the bumpdate…

How far along are you? 20 weeks, 3 days

How big is baby? According to the Bump, she’s the length of a banana now. It also says she’s around 10.1 ounces, but she was 9 ounces at 18 weeks back so I know that’s off.

Total weight gain? Still zero pounds which makes zero sense, but I’m expecting that to change soon.

How are you feeling? Yesterday, my morning sickness came back. So far, it was just that one fluke day, but it totally freaked me out. I immediately started having flashbacks to my last pregnancy where I was still throwing up right at the end, but I talked myself out of the pity party. I’m thinking I just ate something the baby didn’t like the day before. Otherwise, I’ve been having lots of headaches and occasional dizziness lately. I think it’s because I haven’t been drinking enough water or getting enough sleep. Harper had croup last week so there was a lot of co-sleeping and crying and cuddling happening. So this week, I’m trying to take it easy and rest. My hip pain hasn’t been nearly as bad ever since I started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow, but my pelvis is still creaky and sore a lot. I was telling my midwife about it last week and she said it’s because I have “good birthing hips.” Those are great for labor and delivery, but it means that baby stays low and I stay uncomfortable until she comes out.

Any food cravings or aversions? I’m still avoiding fish and I’m also off of beef at the moment. Just thinking about eating a burger gives me indigestion. As far as cravings, my sweet tooth has returned in a major way. I’m trying to satisfy it with fruit, but that doesn’t always work.

What are you wearing a lot of lately? I’ve noticed that maternity bottoms are crucial for me this time. My babies like to hang low so even though I can still fit my looser jeans and pants, I get so uncomfortable in them. I have one pair of maternity jeans and one pair of maternity shorts and they’ve been enough so far, but I’ll probably need one more pair of shorts or cropped jeans to make it through the Summer. I can still fit my looser tops, but anything tight is starting to ride up at the bottom. Thankfully, it’s maxi dress weather so I’ll be living in those for the next few months.

Have you noticed any stretch marks? I have a handful around my belly button from Harper, but I haven’t noticed any new ones yet. My belly has been super itchy lately though so I know the stretching phase has begun. I’ve been using my Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil, but I need to get a thicker cream too.

Best moment this week? This is going to make me sound so selfish, but it was the night that Harper slept in her crib again. She had been in bed with us all week since her cough was so bad. I love letting her get in our bed in the mornings, but sleeping with her all night is brutal, especially when pregnant. I spent the entire night scooting her over and shielding my belly from her kicks. So this tired mama is definitely glad to have her health baby and her bed back!

I also officially hired my doula team last week and I am so so excited about that. I want to have a natural birth this time and I believe that hiring a doula (and working with a midwife) will give me the best chance at achieving that. I’ll do a separate post all about my birth goals and why I want to do it naturally soon.

What are you looking forward to? Being able to feel baby’s kicks on the outside of my belly. She moves around a lot, but my placenta is anterior (in the front of my belly) so I only feel her movements when they’re down low. I’m really excited for Sam and Harper to be able to feel her kick. Harper is too young to understand all of this, but I know she’ll have a funny reaction when she feels her sister kick for the first time.



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