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Gallery Wall Ideas

29cc93177926d0323dbb94dddc1192fcThe wedding dust has settled, (most of) the boxes have been unpacked, and our first house is really starting to feel like a home. The only problem is that I’m still recovering from all of the planning/moving/marrying craziness that I’ve been avoiding the final touches. We decided not to paint the walls before we moved in because it was too much of a hassle, but I knew that I didn’t want to leave the walls blank. We have plenty of photographs and art prints to hang so now I just need to decide how I want to display them. I love a good gallery wall, but I can’t decide which style I like best. Should we do a uniform color/size frame or a mix? Should we hang the photos with washi tape or small push pins so that we can switch them around frequently? And where should we hang them?

Do any of you have a gallery wall? How did you hang the pieces and where did you put it?

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