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Baby #2 Bumpdate // 34 Weeks

baby shower

Today is a huge milestone! On this day during my last pregnancy, I was in the hospital delivering Harper. The day isn’t over yet, but I’m 99% sure I won’t be going into labor today so that is a huge relief! In other exciting news, my mom gave me a baby shower last weekend. I know it’s excessive to have a baby shower for your second daughter (within 2 years!), but we’re all about celebrating and throwing parties in our family so we went for it. It was a beautiful shower and I had the best time. And now I feel sufficiently prepared for baby girl to arrive. Here’s a quick bumpdate before I fall asleep on the couch watching Zootopia with Harper…

How far along are you? 34 weeks and 2 days.

How big is baby? So yesterday at my prenatal appointment, my midwife told me that she suspected that baby girl was about 5.5 to 6 pounds. I walked out of the office convinced that she was way off. Today, I had an ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Specialist’s office and, according to their measurements, she’s 6 pounds, 1 ounce. Whaaaat?! Harper was born, at this exact gestational age, at 4lbs 14.9oz so this news completely blows my mind. And also terrifies me. I had an epidural the first time and it only took 20 minutes of pushing to get Harper out. This time, I’m planning for a natural birth and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid to push out a big baby. But most importantly, I am ecstatic to know she is bigger than her sister.

Total weight gain? About 12 pounds from my starting weight. 15 pounds from my weight at my first prenatal appointment.

How are you feeling? So tired. One outing a day completely wears me out and I have the stamina of a person who hasn’t worked out in 8 months (oops). My heartburn and indigestion are still terrible, but Pepcid Complete twice a day is helping with that. The baby’s head is so low that walking is pretty uncomfortable (I’m waddling in a major way) and I have to pee as soon as I stand up. I’m sure people who see me walking around think that I’m due any day.

Best moment this week? Besides my baby shower, my best moment was meeting with our doula team yesterday. As I mentioned above, I’m planning for a natural birth so I knew that hiring a doula would be crucial. We found our doula team months ago, but we finally met in person yesterday and I love them. It was definitely an investment to hire them, but I know that it’s going to be worth it. I feel much more prepared for labor and deliver after our meeting and I have no doubt that I’ll be able to do it now.

What are you looking forward to? As much as I love feeling the baby move and kick, I am really looking forward to the feeling of relief when the baby is out and my belly is empty. I’m also super excited to see how Harper reacts to her baby sister.


Baby #2 Bumpdate // 32 Weeks

32 weeksI cannot believe there are only 8 weeks left in this pregnancy (give or take a week or two). In fact, I’ve been trying to write this bumpdate for the last two weeks and kept either falling asleep in the middle of typing or getting sidetracked. Time is flying away from me! I’m not complaining though, because I am very ready to get to the end of this journey. Of course, I want the baby to be full term, but my body is ready to be done. I’ve been distracting myself by nesting and getting everything ready for her arrival. I have what I call “Post Preemie Stress Disorder” which means I’m a crazy person when it comes to being prepared for birth this time. In fact, all of Harper’s old newborn and 3 month clothes are washed, my hospital bag is packed and I’ve been checking things off of my “before baby” to-do list left and right. Between that and living life with Harper, I’m keeping myself pretty distracted. So let’s talk about what’s happening with my pregnancy this week…

How far along are you? 32 weeks and 1 day.

How big is baby? I had an ultrasound at 30 weeks and baby was measuring 3lbs 12oz which puts her in the 69th percentile for size. That makes me very happy after giving birth to a 4lb 14.9oz baby last time. Her head is in the 99th percentile which is slightly terrifying (for labor and delivery purposes and also because it could indicate fluid in her brain or something like that), but the Maternal Fetal Specialist assured me that that just means that her head is very round. She definitely got that from her daddy! :) They say that the baby gains half a pound per week from here on out so I know that she’ll be much bigger than her big sister and I’m very happy about that. A little nervous about pushing her out, but happy nonetheless.

Total weight gain? 11 pounds based on my actual starting weight. 14 pounds based on my weight at 8 weeks at my first prenatal appointment. That means I’ve officially surpassed my weight gain with Harper (10 pounds total).

How are you feeling? Sleepy and sore. We finally managed to get Harper back on a good sleep schedule, but I’m still not sleeping well. I have to get up to use the bathroom at least twice a night. And when I get up, I find myself hobbling like an old lady because my hips and back are so sore. I also made the mistake of taking Harper to the zoo last Friday when my sister-in-law and nieces were in town. We had a great time, but I forgot how hilly the National Zoo is! My shins and ankles are still killing me! Aside from that, I’m still dealing with heartburn and indigestion, as always. My newest symptom is a mild cold that I caught from Harper. Annoying, but not too bad so far.

What are you wearing a lot of lately? I’m in maternity clothes limbo right now. I’ve outgrown most of my Summer maternity wardrobe, but it’s still too hot for my Fall maternity wardrobe. I don’t want to spend any more money on maternity clothing so I’m praying the weather cools down soon.

Food cravings and/or aversions? I can’t stop eating Japanese food, cereal and fruit rollups. So weird! I’m also addicted to the vanilla shake at Chik Fil A. It actually cures my heartburn and indigestion completely so I’m using that as an excuse to have a small one whenever I get a craving. At least I know I’m giving the baby plenty of calcium! I’m still avoiding fish, but I can eat shrimp from time to time.

What are you looking forward to? We’re heading to Orlando this weekend for one last vacation with my side of the family before baby girl’s arrival. I’m super excited to relax and get my mind off of baby prep for a few days. It’ll also be fantastic to have lots of help with Harper. She loves spending time with her cousins so she’ll be in heaven the entire time.      I can’t wait!


Baby #2 Bumpdate // 28 Weeks

27 weeksHello Third Trimester! This pregnancy has flown by and I cannot believe we’re already in the home stretch. I’m just hoping time doesn’t start to stand still now because I am really feeling it now. I made all of my prenatal appointments for the remainder of the pregnancy yesterday and it made things really real. The nesting period has begun and my before baby to-do list has been solidified. I’m confident that this baby girl will come closer to her due date than Harper did, but I still want to get everything done early. Last time, I went to the hospital with no hospital bag, no diaper bag, no car seat. Harper didn’t even get a crib until months after she was born. This time, I plan to be prepared! I’m hoping to have everything finished by 35 weeks! I’ll write another post all about that soon. For now, let’s get to the bumpdate!

How far along are you? 28 weeks and 2 days.

How big is baby? She’s the size of an eggplant or a head of cauliflower. Around 2 pounds and 15-16 inches, according to my apps.

Total weight gain? 5.5 pounds as of yesterday.

How are you feeling? Oh man. I forgot about how much of a beating your body takes towards the end of pregnancy. I’m not sleeping well because I’m so uncomfortable. My heartburn and indigestion reach a peak at the end of every day. My sciatic pain comes at the most inconvenient times. And if I start doing too much, my belly feels so tight that I have to sit down. A new symptom I’ve been experiencing lately is headaches. I got them a lot in the first trimester, but they went away until last week. Now I’m getting one every day. I told my midwife about them yesterday and she said everything else looks good (like my blood pressure) and it was probably just from the lack of sleep. I’ve only had to take medicine once so they aren’t terrible, but they’re definitely annoying.

Any food cravings or aversions? I have had the strongest craving for peach cobbler lately. I actually bought all of the ingredients to make it last week, but then my mom’s friend made some and brought it over. Truly a gift from heaven! I’m back to craving Japanese food again too. As far as aversions, I’m still not really into fish/seafood, but I can eat it without getting sick. At this point, the only foods I’m avoiding are the ones that give me heartburn and indigestion.

What are you wearing a lot of lately? I may not have gained a lot of weight (yet), but my belly is BIG. And my butt is out of control. I’ve been living in maxi dresses and comfy pants. I’m in serious need of a few more maternity pieces, but I’m trying to wait until the weather cools down a bit because I’m loving the new Fall maternity pieces at Target.

Best moment this week? My 31st birthday was on Friday and it was also my cousin’s wedding day. I had the best weekend celebrating with her and spending time with my family. I’m still recovering though!

What are you looking forward to? Washing and organizing all of Harper’s baby clothes for the new baby!



Baby #2 Bumpdate // 25 Weeks

19942606_10104055171485709_2855514461176994172_oI have been so bad at taking bump photos this pregnancy! This photo was taken at the Idina Menzel concert on Sunday night, which is the day I moved into my 25th week so this will have to do! Now let’s get to the bumpdate…

How far along are you? 25 weeks and 3 days.

How big is baby? As big as a head of cauliflower and as long as a large cucumber, according to The Bump and Glow Nurture apps.

Total weight gain? At my prenatal appointment on Thursday, I was up 3ish pounds from my starting weight. I’ve probably gained 6 or 7 pounds total though if you count the weight I lost during the first trimester. My goal is to stay between 15-25 pounds gained because my starting weight is on the high side, but I’m not stressing over it. I gained 10 pounds with Harper and she was born 6 weeks early. So if this baby goes full term, and my weight gain is consistent with that pregnancy, I’ll definitely fall within that range.

How are you feeling? I’m still vomit-free, thank the Lord! I do, however, feel nauseous every morning when I wake up. I eat plain cheerios in bed for a few minutes and then it usually goes away. I’m still having lots of sciatic and hip pain. One night last week, I got this terrible pain in my hip/groin area and walked with a limp for a few hours before bed. I also have to pee all.the.time! I can feel the third trimester quickly approaching.

Any food cravings or aversions? I think I’ve finally gotten out of the no-fish zone. I made salmon on Monday night and didn’t feel sick when it was time to eat it. My cravings have unfortunately been sweet lately. In fact, last night I sent Sam to the store for cupcake liners so I could bake rainbow chip cupcakes at 9pm. So bad!

Have you noticed any stretch marks? I have a funny stretch mark story this week. The other night, I got out of the shower and noticed a HUGE, bright red stretch mark next to my belly button (which is where my stretch marks from Harper are). I grabbed all belly oil and slathered it on and tried not to think about it. The next morning, though, I realized that it was just a long scratch! Harper has been jamming her little fingers into my belly button whenever we talk about the baby so she must’ve scratched me that day without me realizing it.

Best moment this week? I mentioned earlier that I went to the Idina Menzel concert on Sunday night. Baby girl must’ve really enjoyed it because she kicked me the entire time. It was so sweet because it reminded me of her big sister who loves music more than anything and dances all the time. I can’t wait to see them dancing together! My second best moment was last week during my maternal fetal medicine appointment. The doctor told me that my cervix looks good and the baby is growing well so I get a 6 week break before my next appointment! Yay!!

What are you looking forward to? As the mother of a preemie, I try really hard not to wish time away during my pregnancy. But I have to say that I’m really looking forward to Fall weather. These 90 degree temperatures are not ideal for pregnancy, especially when you have a 24 pound toddler to carry and chase around. I have half of the summer to go, but I’m extremely excited for those crisp, Fall mornings.

Poll: Did you have a baby shower for your second/third/etc. baby? 



Baby #2 Bumpdate // 23 Weeks

Screenshot 2017-06-28 08.46.56
Time truly does fly in your second pregnancy! It doesn’t seem like it on a day-to-day basis, but then I look up and three weeks have passed. I can barely remember how far along I am. Since my last bumpdate, we’ve moved to a new apartment and added a new baby girl to our family (my niece, Cori). I can’t even tell you how tiring moving is while pregnant, especially when you already have an extremely busy toddler to take care of. I’ve been doing everything veryyyy slowlyyyy so I don’t tire myself out. I went a little too hard the first few days and it really took a toll on my body. So now I’m taking my time, focusing on the most important spaces (living room/kitchen, Harper’s room and playroom), getting everything situated and organized and then I’ll add the cute finishing touches last. But anyway, I’ll talk about the move in a future post. Let’s get back to pregnancy talk…

How far along are you? 23 weeks, 3 days

How big is baby? According to The Bump, she’s approximately the size of a grapefruit and weighs about one pound.

Total weight gain? No idea. I don’t have another prenatal appointment until July 10th and I forgot my scale at my mom’s house. I would be shocked if I haven’t gained at least a few pounds by now though. My belly is getting bigger (and heavier) everyday.

How are you feeling? So much better! I mentioned last time that my morning sickness and vomiting had come back. Well thanks to another miracle from heaven, it went away just a few days after we moved into our new place! *Insert praise hands emoji* I cannot even explain how much of a relief that is. It was so difficult to deal with that sickness throughout the night and in the morning while also taking care of Harper. Ever since it went away, my heartburn has also gotten better again. Unfortunately with pregnancy, if it isn’t one symptom it’s another though. I’m now dealing with sciatic pain and leg aches. I don’t think I ever had sciatic pain with Harper and I still haven’t really figured out how to deal with it, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know in the comment section! My last symptom is rib pain from baby girl’s cute little feet. It amazes me that she can sit so low in my belly and still stretch out so far. Feels like we have another long baby on the way!

Any food cravings or aversions? I’m actually back in that phase where I’m hungry, but nothing really sounds good. I just eat to satisfy hunger. All of the things I want — pizza, Mexican food, etc. — are things I have to avoid, so I just eat boring stuff. And tons of carbs!

What are you wearing lately? On weekdays, I live in maternity workout leggings or my maternity shorts from Target. On weekends, I wear maxi dresses.

Best moment this week? I’ve been talking to Harper about the baby ever since I got pregnant, but she’s still little (18 months) and she doesn’t talk much yet so she usually just ignores me. The other day, though, Sam was praying for the baby with his hand on my belly and Harper came over and put her hand on my belly too. Now, she’ll randomly come up to me, place her hand on my belly and say “Amen!” I’m sure she still doesn’t understand, but it’s still the cutest thing ever.

What are you looking forward to? Nesting! When we were packing, I rediscovered all of Harper’s old clothes and I got so excited to wash them all and get them ready for the new baby. Nesting was probably my favorite part of my last pregnancy, so I can’t wait for that phase to start again.

 Fellow Pregnant Mamas: How far along are you this week and what are your main symptoms right now? 



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