Harper Elizabeth // Five Month Update


I am so excited to be writing Harper’s five month update! I missed two updates while I was on my blogging break and SO much has changed in the last three months. During that time, Harper was introduced to the world outside of our house, she went on her first family vacation and her first plane ride, she went to Disney World, she more than doubled her birth weight, and she started showing off her amazing personality. She is what I like to call a “spirited” baby. She is super sweet and happy…until she isn’t. If you do something she doesn’t like, or take too long to figure out what she wants, she will let you know as loudly as she possibly can. She has also unfortunately inherited my weak vocal chords (I am constantly losing my voice!) and always sounds like she’s hoarse which is sad and hilarious at the same time. She is just such a joy and I am so blessed to be her mother. Here’s what she’s up to at five months old…

Harper Elizabeth // Month Five

Weight: 14lbs, 13oz as of this morning on our home baby scale. That means she has almost tripled her birth weight (she was just under 5 pounds at birth)!

Height: She was 25 inches at her 4 month appointment.

Diaper Size: Size 3 Honest diapers. She can technically still fit into size 2 diapers, but we started experiencing tons of leaks and blowouts so we had to move her up early. We switch back and forth between Honest wipes and WaterWipes.

Clothing Size: 3-6 months in most brands and 6 months in Carter’s. She can still squeeze into some 3 month bodysuits and tops, but definitely not pants. She’s got long, thick legs!


Eating: Harper is still exclusively breastfed. And I do mean “exclusively.” I’ve gotten so lazy about pumping and giving her bottles, but I need to start doing both of those things again so that I can leave her without having to worry that she’ll refuse to take a bottle from Sam. She typically eats 5-6 times during the day and once at night. She has gone through a bunch of different eating schedules, but for now she eats every time she wakes up, unless it has been less than 2 hours. If she’s having one of those days when she won’t nap, or if it’s later in the day when she only catnaps, her feedings are typically 2.5-3 hours apart. I’m planning to wait until next month to start solids.

Sleeping: Long gone are the days of waking up every 2-3 hours. Currently, Harper goes to bed between 8 and 8:30pm, wakes up around 4am for a quick feeding, and then goes right back down until 8am. Of course, not every night is perfect, but it’s so much better than it was. We recently started “sleep training” her a little bit just so that she could learn how to soothe herself to sleep instead of me having to nurse/rock her for 1-2 hours before she would finally go down. Now, after implementing a consistent bedtime routine, I put her down once she’s drowsy, but awake and she usually cries for a bit before falling asleep. Some nights she cries off and on for 5-10 minutes, other nights she’s out within a minute or two. If she’s screaming, I will always go in and make sure she doesn’t have gas or a dirty diaper, and I always feed her if she’s hungry, but usually it’s just a whiney “I’m-so-tired” cry. I agonized about sleep training for weeks, and read literally every book about sleep I could find, and finally came up with a system that works for us. Now she’s sleeping for 10-12 hours at night, Sam and I finally have time to eat dinner and watch tv together before bed, I’m no longer a zombie and Harper greets me with a huge smile every single morning. It’s wonderful!


Milestones: Harper can roll from her tummy to her back. She isn’t really interested in rolling from back to tummy yet, but if I give her a little help, she can do it. She can now sit up with support and is starting to pull her weight forward and hold herself up with her hands when she’s sitting up. She also loves to stand when you hold her up. It is really difficult to get a laugh out of her, but she will literally “squeal with delight” when she’s happy. She is grabbing everything and putting it all into her mouth. She doesn’t have any teeth yet, but she is definitely teething. I can actually see the imprint of her two bottom teeth as clear as day so I’m just waiting for the morning when I get her out of bed and see two little teeth in her mouth. She also “talks” all day long.

Likes: Baths, Fifi the Firefly, laying on her activity mat, playing in her exersaucer, being held by anyone and everyone, smiling at her daddy, praise and worship at church, Rockabye Baby! lullabies, and snapchat.

Dislikes: Being held in a cradle position when she’s not nursing, being overtired, poopy diapers, her carseat, and long car rides.



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