Luxe Beauty Products That Are Worth The Money

I’m a beauty product junkie. I spend far too much time (and money) reading beauty product reviews and trying new products. I’ve never been someone who wears makeup everyday, but I love to experiment with makeup. And I’m obsessed with skincare. I’ve tried a range of products from drugstore brands to high end and I have to be honest and say that I lean towards the high end range. I just find that, especially when it comes to skincare, you really do get what you pay for. And if you have temperamental or sensitive skin, it’s definitely worth spending a little more money to keep your skin in its best condition. Having said that, I don’t think every single item in your skincare or makeup routine has to be expensive. For example, I’m currently using Cetaphil  as a face moisturizer because it works for my skin no matter what phase it’s in. There are certain expensive items that I’ve purchased many times over because they’re just that good and I wanted to share them with you today. It’s Valentine’s Day so today is the perfect day to splurge on yourself a little bit!

La Mer Lip Balm // This lip balm is ridiculously expensive so I only buy it for myself once or twice a year, usually when I have a Nordstrom Note or some other gift card. Thankfully, it’s a big pot so it lasts for months. It is worth every penny in my opinion though. I’ve battled dry lips ever since I was a kid and this lip balm relieves dryness instantly. It is the most hydrating balm I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried hundreds.

Davines Love Shampoo and Conditioner // This shampoo and conditioner isn’t actually that expensive, but I consider it a luxe beauty product because you can’t buy it at a drugstore or Target. I love the entire Davines range, but I’ve been using this specific set for the last year because it’s formulated for coarse or frizzy hair. I also have a keratin treatment and this shampoo and conditioner is safe to use because it’s sulfate free.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair // If you only splurge on one item in your skincare routine, I think it should be a serum. A good serum can do wonders for your skin. This one has been out since the 80s and it’s still one of the best. This serum does a little bit of everything and, with regular use, will have your skin looking the best it has ever looked. Yes, it’s very expensive, but you literally only need a few drops to cover your entire face so it will last forever. Also, don’t let the name confuse you; you can use this serum day and night.

Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara // I think Chanel does the best mascaras of any major luxury beauty brand. I have extremely sensitives eyes. I actually spent the week of my honeymoon with a swollen eyelid thanks to the lash glue I wore on my wedding day – such a sexy way to start off our marriage! I have never once gotten itchy or watery eyes from any Chanel mascara or eyeliner. I can’t say the same for YSL or Lancome unfortunately. This specific mascara is my favorite because it really does volumize your lashes. I can wear this without anything else and still feel confident that my eyes look pretty.

Slip Embroidered Silk Pillowcase // Ok, this one is a cheat because I haven’t actually purchased this product yet, but this is going to be my next treat to myself. I really wish I had this when Harper was a newborn and I smashed my head into my pillow every night without doing anything to my face or hair. This pillow, according to the company, is “specifically designed to reduce friction while you sleep – keeping your skin and hair protected and hydrated.” I know you can get a satin pillowcase from Sally’s Beauty Supply, but I’m super intrigued by this one so I’ll try it and report back!

What are your favorite luxe beauty products? 


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