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10363814_10102249917793579_1761328150173256677_nAs I mentioned last week, my husband and I got married and moved into our first home together last month. While I enjoyed (almost) every single moment of the wedding planning process, I think I’ve enjoyed making our little townhouse into a home even more. I have an entire wedding week planned for the blog (just waiting to get all of the photos and video back), but I couldn’t resist doing a registry series now. This series is for brides as well as new homeowners or renters. Those of you who have been in the same place for a while may even feel inspired to add a few new things to your already-established nest.

For our wedding, Sam and I registered at Williams-Sonoma, Bloomingdales and West Elm. I loved each registry for different reasons and there were still about 5 more stores that I wish I could have added. For this series, I wanted to begin with Williams-Sonoma for two reasons: 1. I love to cook and 2. I’d say 75% of our gifts were purchased from there. In the past, I’ve steered clear of WS because it was always out of my budget, but, with the launch of their Open Kitchen line, I’ve been able to shop there guilt-free! Here are the top 10 things Sam and I have been loving from our Williams-Sonoma registry…



tumblr_n7vtwn0K2P1qi59yho1_1280Hello and welcome to Everett & Elizabeth! My name is Jerrell Everett and I’m a recent law school graduate, writer and newlywed. My husband, Sam, and I were married in March 2015 and we recently moved back to the small college town where we met almost ten years ago! Some of you may know me from my fashion and lifestyle blog, Style & Sucré. While I absolutely loved that blog, it came to an end during my final semester in law school. With the pressure of school, wedding planning and preparing to move back to Virginia after graduation, blogging became a bit too overwhelming. I also felt like I was being pulled into a new creative direction.

I’ve been a writer ever since I was old enough to write full sentences. I wrote (very bad) poems and (equally bad) short stories, but mostly I wrote about my life as it was happening. In order to fully understand my thoughts and emotions, I’ve always had to write them down. As the great Joan Didion once wrote, “I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” Unfortunately, over the years, I started to believe that writing wasn’t a legitimate “career”. Writing was for the creative, dreamer types and I desperately wanted to pretend that I didn’t fit into that category (read this blog for a week and you’ll quickly learn that I’m practically the president of that club). I needed to get more “serious,” so I went to law school. I have never felt more out of place, or more in over my head, in my entire life. I was determined to graduate, but I promised myself (and my husband) that when I finished, I would give writing a real chance. I may never make a penny off of any of the words that I write, and I may never have an actual audience outside of my family and friends, but that doesn’t much matter. What matters is that I’m finally confident enough to be who I am – out loud and on the page.

My mother, whose middle name was part of the inspiration for the name of this blog, is an interior designer and boutique owner. She is passionate about designing and entertaining, and anyone who has ever attended a party at her house knows that she is the ultimate hostess. Thankfully, she passed those passions onto my sister and I. More importantly though, she taught me how to dream BIG. This blog is my love letter to all of the things she taught me, plus a few I came up with on my own. At E&E, you’ll find everything from design tips and entertaining ideas to musings about married life. As I move into the most exciting phase of my life, and begin to create a life and a home for my own little family, I am so excited to share this journey with all of you.

Here’s to new beginnings!

xoxo, Jerrell



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