Registry Essentials // Casual and Fine China

f747ee1284b99837ffc6244418e91a5cWhen Sam and I started looking for our first place, the most important thing on my list of must-haves was entertaining space. The place we found has its shortcomings (there isn’t one closet on the main floor), but we have plenty of indoor and outdoor space to host our friends so we’re happy. Once we found the place, I focused my attention on stocking it with everything I would need to entertain properly and the first thing on my list was dinnerware.

I am a china fanatic. I love to collect dishes, teacups and glasses. Choosing our casual and fine china for our registry was so fun for me. It might have been a little too much fun because I ended up registering for way more than we needed (and there were still at least five patterns I wish I could have added). Today I wanted to share my favorite casual and fine china sets with you. If you’re engaged, I hope you’ll find the perfect set to add to your registry. If you’re not, I hope you’ll be inspired to plan a little get together for your friends this weekend!



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